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This is a website for those who like Sonic games, comics, and sometimes videos!  Here at Top speed, I will post all the videos, pics, and even comics that I can get my hands on.  I will also post a series known as Silent Blue Brigade.  Also, I will hire any Artists for our Sprite corner and our Comic area.  All artists are also Mods and can delete posts and are basically Santa's little helpers! (me being Santa) Anyone applying for Artist can reach me at myrenzoman@hotmail.com.  Also, there are hidden links all over this site!  Find and click them for hidden pics, videos, and websites!



Sonic Adventure 3: Chaos feather (Hand drawn!) (coming soon)

Out of the Blue

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Sonic Adveture 3:Metal Mechanica  (this site is one of my favorites.  In addition to this hand-drwn comic, they have sprite comics, sprites, forum avatars and signatures, and more!)

Main Comic Character BIO's

Sega's Characters(all of these characters belong to Sega of America, Japan, Europe and all other extensions of Sega.  We in no way take credit for these characters):


He is the fastest thing in the world, also known as the Blue blur.  He is Sonic, and he always fights oppresion and lives for freedom.  He loves to run and have fun, and is mostly seen running and riding around in his plane the Tornado with his bets buddy Tails.



Shadow is the Ultimate life form.  He always dreams about his lost loved one Maria and spends his time destroying things in his path in his hunt for answers.  He has full control over the Chaos emeralds, and has all of Sonic's abilities and some of his own that the chaos emeralds give him.


Silvers abilities are limited to only Pshycokenisis.  He is slower than Sonic and Shadow, and cannot use any of their ball attacks.  He comes from an alternate dimension along with Blaze.  His future has changed due to he and Sonic and Shadow destroying Mephiles and Iblis.

Miles "Tails" Prower

A mutant freak of nature, Tails is a fox with 2 tails.  Creepy.  Anyway, he is a super genious with an I.Q of 300-500.  He improved the Tornado and is Sonic's best friend.  With his tails he can...um...fly.  Talk about a flying fox! *insert better joke here*

Amy Rose

Amy is a pink hedgehog who is in love with Sonic.  It is her dream to one day marry him.  Her weapon of choice is a giant red and pink piko hammer.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge is a jewel thief-slash-governemnt CIA agent-slash-Knuckles fangirl.(don't believe me?  watch the end of Sonic Adventure 2 CLOSELY) She loves jewels and will do almost anything for them.

Scourge the Hedgehog

Sonics opposite and worse enemy.  He has all the abilities of Sonic and used to look like him untill he had a bad reaction to the Master Emerald.  Now he looks...well...look in the website banner.

(remember, these are characters featured in my comic.  I'll post more BIO's when more characters arrive.)

My Characters:

Razor The Hedgehog

A master swordsman, Razor loves to party and he is always getting in bar fights.  He has a real attitude problem.  DON'T FUCK WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!